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Your mindset is one of the key ingredients to your success in life.

Having the correct mindset will allow you to achieve just about anything you set out to achieve.

However – not having the correct mindset will hold you back. Because your brain will try to stop you from doing anything that makes you feel scared.

Your brain tries to protect you and keep you from harm. This was very useful back in the days when we were all living in caves and there were things to be scared of.

Thankfully today these scary things have largely disappeared. But our brains are still try to protect us as if our lives are under threat.

And if you don’t learn to recognise this – then you can end up avoiding all sorts of new and exciting adventures – because your brain tries to stop you.

An example most of us can hopefully relate to is public speaking. It scares us – but logically it shouldn’t. Because we’re out of our comfort zones – our brains try to stop us doing it. We feel scared – even though we’re in no actual danger.

Our approach is to guide you on 2 distinctive subjects – which work in harmony to produce the results that you desire.

The first subject is all about Rent to Buy and you’ll find many blog posts and web pages on this main topic.

The second subject is Mindset. You need to master your own mind so that you can take the actions necessary to be successful at getting your own Rent to Buy property.

This BLOG category “mindset” is therefore devoted to your mindset and ensuring you have the mental strength to be successful.