Comfort zone > the magic happens just outside

Staying within your comfort zone feels very safe doesn't it - all cosy and warm? Like a great big teddy bear wrapping its arms around to protect you from the big bad world.

And remaining inside your comfort zone means you know exactly what you'll be doing all or most of the time - and treading a very familiar path.

However I'd caution you that staying firmly within your comfort zone all of the time isn't a great idea. Because it stops you from growing and moving forward.

​staying firmly within your comfort zone all of the time isn't a great idea. Because it stops you from growing and moving forward

And if you're looking to achieve something new - such as learning how to get on the property ladder - then that's hardly something you can do by repeating the exact same steps you've always made.

So let's take a look now at ways you can escape your comfort zone without it being scary at all.

Because the real magic happens just outside your comfort zone.

And whilst it's true that stepping a long way outside in one gigantic leap can be super-scary - you can instead step outside more gradually - so it feels quite safe - which is so much better.

​comfort zone > where the change happens

comfort zone

If you're looking to achieve something new - then it's inevitable you'll need to venture outside your comfort zone - because you're doing something that is new to you.

We're all conditioned to think of new things as "uncomfortable". But let me put a different perspective on things for a moment.

Because I'd say that "not doing things" can be more scary than actually "doing things" - WHY?

Because the world around us is constantly changing. And just because we might want things to stay the same - that doesn't mean they will stay the same - because we're not the ones in control.

So wouldn't you rather get in there first? And make the changes around you fit into how YOU want them to be? Rather than accept someone else's changes that they force upon you?

Let's now begin by taking a look at the things YOU want to achieve - and we'll look at ways to make them happen just the way you want them to.

​comfort zone > what do you want to achieve?

The first thing you need to do is to work out exactly what it is that YOU want to achieve? I mean properly brain-storm things and work out what YOU want.

Because otherwise you'll go at things half-hearted and set off in an unplanned way. And you could end up going in completely the wrong direction.

Just to be clear I'm not suggesting you work out every conceivable detail right now because that will stall you.

But I am suggesting that you write things down. And mull things over for a good while.

And than if your plan still "feels right" the next time you pick it up - you can move forward with confidence. Because your gut instinct is telling you you're on the right track.

stop pleasing everyone else > to your detriment


I mean are you someone who just loves doing what everyone else wants you to do? And you never actually end up doing the things that YOU want to do?

It's natural to want to please others - and ​BE POPULAR.

However if you're wanting to achieve new things - then pleasing everyone else will almost certainly sabotage your success. Because you'll end up doing what everyone else wants you to do. With little time for yourself.

Which isn't very fair on you is it? I mean you're just as entitled to choose what you do and follow your own dreams aren't you?

So you need to stop saying "YES" to everyone and begin taking the actions that will propel you forward towards your own dreams.

​you need to stop saying "YES" to everyone and begin taking the actions that will propel you forward towards your own dreams

This could make you feel guilty. For example if someone asks you to do something that you've always said "YES" to in the past. And then next time they ask you say "NO" - you'll take the person asking by surprise. And they might try to make you feel guilty for saying "NO".

However stand firm and ignore their attempts to make you feel guilty about how you're letting them down.

You're NOT letting them down at all. And they'll soon get used to the fact that you're not there solely to do their chores for them.

learn to say no to yourself

And while you're starting to say "NO" to others there's someone else that you're going to have to get tough with - and that's "YOU".

Because you've only got so much time to get things done. And it's impossible to create more time as we all only have 24 hours in a day. Including sleeping and eating.

So take a look at all the time consuming trivial things that fill your day. Such as Facebook, Whatsapp, television, procrastinating etc. Cutting out such things can gift you HOURS of time.

Your list of time-consuming activities might be totally different to those above? But hopefully you get the ​idea here that you need to make cuts to your day. This will create time for the new things that you're about to be doing.

I mean think about the last year? You MUST have filled every single minute of every single day with SOMETHING? So what were the things that you filled the time with? And which things quite frankly could you STOP DOING?

Make a list and start culling the things that you could really do without. As this will allows you free time and head space for the journey ahead.

​free up head space

You need to free up head space or mental capacity to tackle new things. There's only so much room in our brains for learning new things.

If you've stopped doing trivial things as recommended above then you'll now have more room in your brain for the new things that you need to start doing.

And getting back to the theme of stepping outside your comfort zone - the fact that you now have less to think about (because you've stopped doing certain things) means your move into new activities (outside your comfort zone) is easier for you to do.

You now have spare mental capacity for learning new things and can learn these new things at a pace that suits you. Without having to cram everything in around all of your existing commitments.

​You now have spare mental capacity for learning new things and can learn these new things at a pace that suits you

So whilst your comfort zone is being stretched it's actually still comfortable for you.

​comfort zone > time + action = your success

comfort zone

How is your future looking right now? I mean if you carry on doing exactly the same things you're currently doing in your daily life, then how will things change?

It's said that the definition of madness is to keep doing the same things over and over that you've always done. And expecting different results.

​the definition of madness is to keep doing the same things over and over that you've always done. And expecting different results

I've had periods of my life where I've been fed up with my lot in life. And for many years I made the schoolboy error of expecting TIME on its own to be a cure-all.

I wrongly thought that if I gave things enough time then they would naturally get better.

However this never worked out for me.


However TIME coupled with ACTION has always produced positive results for me.


And I'm certain that if you too take consistent actions over a given period of time - then this will produce the results for YOU that you desire.

​change that's worth having is rarely quick

Just a word of caution here. Don't expect change to be quick. Change that's worth having is usually delivered slowly.

And that then brings the danger that when things happen slowly:

  •  You'll become disillusioned
  •  And you'll start to have self-doubt
  •  And you'll give up.


95% of people give up as soon as things get the slightest bit slow or challenging. And they then go back to doing what they were doing before - just because things happened a bit too slowly for their liking.

But then once they're back to their former unhappy lives they begin to regret giving up. And then they repeat and go round in circles.

However the remaining 5% of people keep on going no matter how slowly or challenging things get for them. These are the people that society calls "lucky" or says that these people "had it easy".

Truth is there's no "luck" involved at all. And these people didn't "have it easy". They just refused to give up.

Please, please be one of the 5%. Because the 5% of people keep going and slowly, slowly the wind changes in their favour until they have the success they crave.

​where do you want to be?

So where do you want to be in say 1 years time from now? Daydream a little and step into your future-self for a moment. Pretend you're in the future exactly one year from today.

Imagine how your life has transformed into the life you were dreaming of just one short year ago?

Imagine how your life has transformed into the life you were dreaming of just one short year ago?

What things are you now doing effortlessly that only last year you considered hard? I mean really think about how far you've come and imagine your future has already been achieved.

Because in my experience if you take consistent actions over a long enough period of time - then anything and everything is totally possible. And that goes exactly the same for YOU.

Now the only thing you need to do is to work out the series of steps you need to take in order to achieve the levels of success you're now daydreaming about.

And there's very good news on that front. Because finding out how to do new things today is easier than it's ever been. Because the internet makes it super simple to find out how to do just about anything you set your heart on.

So you just need to seek out the information and look for the people who have already trodden your path - and simply copy what they have done. No need to reinvent the wheel here - and no need to take risks.

​copy > don't reinvent the wheel

If you're looking to achieve something new then chances are there's somebody, somewhere else on planet earth who has already achieved the things you're trying to achieve.

In the days before the internet it was very hard to even know that these people existed - let alone know how to find them and talk to them.

Good old Yellow Pages wasn't really in the same league as Google

But of course the internet has changed all that and there's Google and websites and blogs and Youtube etc. These resources all make finding out how to do things so much easier.

So don't reinvent the wheel. Instead search for the things you want to achieve and find some resources to help - all from the comfort of your own living room.

Take your FREE RENT TO BUY TRAINING COURSE to learn how to copy our systems and knowledge.

comfort zone > mentors & motivation

comfort zone

Finding a mentor basically means finding someone who's already trodden your path who can show you how it's done.​

I've found mentors in the past to teach me how to do new things. A mentor has learnt his or her craft by making mistakes along the way. And they can point out these mistakes to you - to ensure you don't make them also.

​A mentor has learnt his or her craft by making mistakes along the way. And they can point out these mistakes to you - to ensure you don't make them also

So your success is more guaranteed and it certainly quickens things up. Because you can concentrate on the things that have already been proven to work - and avoid completely the things that don't.

property and me

I've had mentors in the past to teach me how to invest in property. This has accelerated my knowledge about property investment and enabled me to avoid mistakes.

My mentors have given me property investment advice. And they have also given me something so much more precious.

And that's the ability to do things that I'm unsure about and NOT BE SCARED to do them anyway.

This allows me to step out of my comfort zone and do things that are kinda scary for most people. But I myself can do them despite my discomfort.

My reasons for mentioning the property investing above are simply to pass on these lessons to you that I've learnt along the way.

  • You can do things that you've never done before. But only if your mind allows you to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Some people refer to this as "risk taking" and most people (the 95%) won't take any risks - ever.
  • I believe that being afraid to ever take risks will limit a person's success. And their ultimate level of success is curtailed
  • Success is different for everyone - and by success I'm not meaning money. I mean the things that someone really really wants to achieve - yet is too scared to ever go for.

You only get one go at life!! - So don't waste too much time THINKING and spend more time actually DOING things.

​You only get one go at life!! - So don't waste too much time THINKING and spend more time actually DOING

​motivational books and videos

Learning how to do new things is achievable by seeking knowledge and following through on the things you learn.

However this discussion isn't just about learning how to achieve new things in your life. It's also about controlling your mind as you step outside your comfort zone.

I've read many books, listened to many podcasts and watched many videos which have helped me to lose my feeling of "BEING SCARED".

This has allowed me to move forwards even when I'm not totally sure what I'm doing.

And I'd strongly encourage you to seek out material to stimulate your mind also.

I mean just think for a moment how ridiculous it is to actually feel "SCARED" about doing something like (for example) buying a house. It's not like you're going to wrestle a crocodile or drop into a war zone.

The house isn't going to come and attack you is it?

Yet society, our parents, and the school system has conditioned us into "PLAYING IT SAFE". So we feel scared whenever we step outside our comfort zone and try anything new.

Kinda ridiculous really isn't it?

So why not start to combat your conditioned-self and get some motivational help? To allow you to break out of your self imposed comfort zone - before your life runs away from you.

People sometimes refer to these motivational help resources as "self-help" or "personal development" or "self-motivation".

Whatever the label they're given - I can assure you that all the ultra successful people in life swear by these resources and quote them as integral to their success.

​find your motivational routine

And just to conclude this section now - sometimes I wake up feeling a bit uneasy and very unsure of myself.

Because I'm constantly doing new things that I haven't done before. So I'm outside my comfort zone and I'm scared.

My ​solution is to read or listen to something motivational. This gives me a new found inner confidence. It's as if the book is guiding me.

And then I'm not scared anymore - and I can carry on.

​Comfort zone > conclusion

comfort zone

Your comfort zone is a nice cosy place, but the real magic happens when you step outside and try now things.

However if you step too far outside too quickly then it can feel quite scary. So do so in a managed way and you'll be just fine.

To achieve the things you're striving for might mean dropping a few activities and saying no to a few people. And that includes saying no to yourself.

Once you've freed up some time by reducing your activities - this will naturally free up some head space. So you'll have the time to do new things more easily.

Your new found free time alone won't bring you success. But time and the actions you take will bring you results and success.

Whatever you're trying to achieve - it's likely that somebody else has already done the same thing before you. So simply copy what other successful people have already done - and don't reinvent the wheel.

Seek out motivational books, podcasts, blogs, videos etc. These will guide you by teaching you how to train your mind to be successful. Very successful people swear by motivational resources - so learn from the successes of others.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post 🙂


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