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Rent to Buy is a real alternative way for ​you to sell ​a property - here's why:

 HOUSE SELLERS ​ - ​Are you struggling to sell ​a property because the market is ​​slow? Or ​​for any one of a hundred other reasons? Then Rent to Buy ​could be the perfect solution for house sellers like you. Because with Rent to Buy you'll ​attract Tenant Buyers who are highly motivated to ​buy your property.

​ LANDLORDS  - ​Are you a landlord ​who's already 1) Renting out ​a property? And ​could you be also 2) Considering selling now or in a few years time? Then Rent to Buy ​could be the perfect solution. Because with Rent to Buy you can continue renting out to a committed Tenant Buyer ​who will then buy from you 3 - 5 years later...

​a Tenant Buyer will first rent your property and then buy it from you a few years later with a mortgage

How are Rent to Buy contracts arranged?

​Here at Tangerine Properties we've been arranging Rent to Buy contracts for a number of years. And we've never charged house sellers & landlords a penny or using our services.

That's because the services we offer to house sellers - setting up Rent to Buy contracts - are 100% FREE.

All contracts are drawn up by UK solicitors ​in a similar ​manner to a "regular" house sale. So there's independent legal protection for ​all parties.

​Take a look at our TENANT BUYERS page which lists a number of the properties (and ​house sellers) that we've found Tenant Buyers for over the last couple of years.​

The situations of these house sellers varies somewhat and includes "houses that are difficult to sell" through to "landlords who bought properties UP NORTH" that didn't quite work out financially.

​do you have a property that you'd also like to sell?

If you do have a property or properties that you'd ​like to sell? Then ​have a read ​about Rent to Buy on this website to ​find out more about ​how it all works for house sellers & landlords.

​And then please ​CONTACT US BELOW and we'll set up an informal chat to discuss your property - ​to see if there's a good fit.

​There's no obligation to do anything further. We'll just take a look at your property and situation - ​and ​see what you'd like to do next.

Do you have a property that Rent to Buy could work with?

​If you have a property that you'd like to discuss with us with a view to getting a Tenant Buyer and setting up a FREE Rent to Buy contract? Then please ​CLICK BELOW to contact us with your details...

Why do people end up owning property anyway?

Property is great if it's for one or more of the following 3 reasons:

<1> Living in yourself

<2> Renting out for a profit

<3> Holding for long-term capital growth.

​Being brutally honest - everything else ​can be an expensive pain in the ​wallet.​

If you own some property (apart from your home residence) then chances are you originally bought it as some sort of investment? Or possibly you inherited it - or maybe a divorce brought it your way - or some other random event?

Property is after all a very expensive ​item to own. And it ​often surprises us just how many people we ​talk to who have properties ​they'd ​rather not own any more.​ 

​it ​often surprises us how many people we talk to who have properties they'd rather not own any more

​Property is ​sometimes viewed as an "easy investment". Watch a few episodes of "Homes Under The Hammer". Go to an auction and buy a property dirt cheap. Do it up for 20 quid. Rent it out for lots of cash each month. Then sell it for a ​massive profit.

HOWEVER the reality is - let's say - a million miles away from being easy. So people end up with property they can't wait to get rid of because "it just didn't quite work out how it does on the telly".  

house seller thinking about rent to buy

What typically are your choices with property?

Apart from your home residence - the obvious choices are that you can:

<1> Rent your property out for a profit - or if that's not quite working

<2> Sell it on the open market

And that generally sums up the only 2 choices people ​think are available to them...




<3> ​Rent then Sell as a Rent to Buy property

Here's a short video that explains rent to buy

The video features a ​guy called Mark ​who owns a property that he's renting out - but now he's decided to sell.

​Also in the video ​is Kate who's renting a different property. Kate is fed up of renting and now wants to buy somewhere instead.

But unfortunately Kate isn't in a position to get a mortgage and buy right now - but she can do no problem in a few years time.

Mark and Kate eventually meet each other - Mark rents the property to Kate and then Kate buys it from him a few years later.

So in the video Mark and Kate have set up a Rent to Buy arrangement and whilst initially renting the property - Kate becomes a "Tenant Buyer" to Mark.

So why doesn't Kate get a mortgage and buy Mark's property now?

Kate is like many other aspiring homeowners who right now cannot get a mortgage, but who can ​get a mortgage in a few short years.

​People who might need to wait a few years to be able to get a mortgage include​:

<•> People new into the ​UK, for example doctors and nurses and other essential key-workers

<•> ​Those who are new ​to a full time job, but not employed long enough

<​•> Self employed people, eg electricians, plumbers, care workers, lorry drivers, who don’t yet have an accounting history

<•> Your average professional couple saving up their mortgage deposit, but not quite saved up the ​full deposit amount yet.

<•> ​Couples where one party is completing ​training eg a ​policeman / woman, firefighter or a nurse

<•> Couples where one party is completing their university degree

<•> Younger people with parents or grandparents who are financially helping them onto the property ladder, but who can’t qualify for a mortgage yet in their own name.

<•> People who (in their past) carelessly missed making a payment on time, such as a mobile phone bill, and now need a few years to repair their credit file.

<•> And quite a few more...

​ALL the above people are professionals who are looking for ​opportunities from house sellers & landlords to buy a house right now without a mortgage. Because they CANNOT get a mortgage right now. Yet they CAN afford to pay ​RENT until they can get their mortgage in a few years time.

They are all in full time employment and are ​often paying more in rent each month than a mortgage would cost them. So they would be ideal candidates to Rent to Buy your house.

Do you have a property that Rent to Buy could work with?

​If you have a property that you'd like to discuss with us with a view to getting a Tenant Buyer and setting up a FREE Rent to Buy contract? Then please ​CLICK BELOW to contact us with your details...

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