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STEPS TO SUCCESS - would you like to learn some super-simple steps to success that you can implement today - to turbocharge your results?

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Steps to success - Bite Size

steps to success

Let's begin right away by looking at the things you're trying to achieve right now. And also review the things you've tried to achieve in the past.

Maybe you've tried to achieve some things in the past and given up?

Why was that?

Were your goals SMALL and broken down into bite-size chunks?

Or were they BIG and COMPLICATED and appeared so far from being achievable that they hardly seemed worth the effort of trying.

​Were your goals ​SMALL and broken down into ​bite-​size chunks. Or were ​they BIG and COMPLICATED?

And what about right now - are you currently trying to achieve something that you're finding difficult?

Maybe you're wanting to buy a house? Or some other MASSIVE task?

Are you considering giving up on your dreams - again?

​a simple solution

Well please don't give up because there is a simple solution.

And the simple solution is all about taking a ​BIG complicated goal and turning it into a number of bite-size ​SMALL easy goals.

I regularly have days ​when I feel like giving up VERY VERY OFTEN.

Some days run smoothly and on these days everything is good in the world and seems effortless.

And then there's the days when it seems like EVERYONE is out to get ​me and put ​ridiculous barriers in my way.

And on these days I feel like flipping well giving up - but crucially I don't.

​Because I recognise these feelings - and have learned to ignore them...

​OK isn't really good enough

What if I were to tell you that ​YOUR success ​is ​firmly in YOUR ​control and that one of the major keys to success is super simple to achieve.

I learnt this critical key to success around 5 years ago and I now live my life by it.

At that time I was looking ​to make changes - as my life to be brutally honest was only OK.

And OK wasn't really good enough for me.

We all only get one go at life on this planet of ours - so why would any of us settle for mediocrity or just OK?

Start stop repeat repeat

So if you haven't yet achieved ​the things in life that you're looking to achieve, then today is the time to recognise this and begin to move forward.

If you're struggling to see the merits of taking the necessary steps to ​realise your dreams, please don't allow ​a distorted view of ​life to stop all of your progress.

Because society these days ​leads us to believe that everything can be obtained "instantly". No ​effort or staying power required at all.

And if something takes too long to achieve then you'll start to doubt you're doing the right things.

​And everyone you see on ​social media "pretends" that ​for them "everything is quick and easy".

Don't believe them - they're lying!!

​Everyone you see on social media "pretends" that for them "everything is quick and easy". Don't believe them - they're lying!!

There's another danger that you'll simply "get bored" ​because you'll ​convince yourself "this is all taking far too long" - and self-sabotage your own chances of success.

Or even worse you'll allow your "friends" to talk you out of ​your dreams - because your friends like you just the way you are - and they don't want you to change.

Then a few weeks or months later, you'll get the urge to start "the thing over again". And then repeat the same cycle.

​Start - Stop - Repeat - Repeat.

Start ​learn results success

This reminds me of a Tom Cruise film called "Edge of Tomorrow. Live. Die. Repeat".

In the film Major William Cage (Cruise) plays an American Soldier who is dropped into a suicide combat mission against Alien invaders.

It's the sort of battle that no mortal human can ever ​survive.

Cage begins the battle and is killed almost ​immediately. Then ​inexplicably he's back alive again and once ​more at the beginning of the original scene.

And then he repeats the same mistakes and gets killed all over again in exactly the same way.

Start - Stop - Repeat.

This keeps ​happening ​until Cage learns ​how to avoid getting killed and moves further on in the battle - each time getting killed by a ​different fate until he ​learns ​​how to ​avoid ​that fate too.

Start - Learn - Results - Repeat.

As the film progresses Cage learns how to ​win each and every new ​battle until he eventually manages to ​beat the Aliens ​and ​saves the day.

Start - Learn - Results - ​Learn - Results - Success.

So what's the morals of the story here?

  • You can learn by experience.
  • BIG ​(scary) steps can be broken into SMALLER (easier) steps.
  • NEVER give up just because you hit a setback.
  • Lots of ​LITTLE successes over time add up to ​BIG results
  • Don't take on Aliens - ​they don't play nicely!!

​It’s time for you to gain a healthy perspective and finally move forward. YOU can create success and YOU have what it takes to get there.

​Baby steps to success

When you were first learning to ​walk, you fell over a lot I strongly suspect. You went into that "learning to walk" phase not ​100% ​certain ​that you could do it.

Maybe everybody else could learn to walk and you'd be the exception?

But you didn't give up and kept at it.

​Stand up - fall over - get back up - learn - fall over - get back up - walk

​Baby steps

Just suppose you were trying to do something new today that was ​equally as difficult as learning to walk. How would you feel as you fell over once, twice, twenty times, a hundred times?

Would you give up? Of course not.

Falling is only ​failing if you give up.

So to avoid failure - don't give up. Instead keep making small ​"baby steps to success" until all of those ​tiny gains add up to one heck of a ​BIG ​leap forward.

And ultimately - you achieving your goal - such as buying a house.

The correct steps to success

So what are the correct steps to success?

​It sounds logical to avoid taking too many of the wrong ​steps - because - well because they're wrong.

So if you can eliminate all of these steps before starting then that seems like a good idea - doesn't it?

So in the previous example of learning to walk - it would make sense to cut out all of the falling over stuff - and get right into the walking bit.

Go for glory and show all them smarty pants around you that you walked at the very first attempt.

No pictures on Facebook of you crying on the floor!!

​Does this sound possible? Or not possible?

The right steps = no steps

One of the obvious dangers of only wanting to take the "right steps" is that you don't know which are the "right steps" so you end up taking "no steps"

You're forever stuck in learning and observation mode - Terrified Of Failing!!

​You're forever stuck in learning and observation mode... Terrified Of Failing!!

So you convince yourself that "you just need that one extra piece of information" and then you'll get started.

But then you hear about something else that you "must know about before starting".

And before you know it time is passing you by. And January has turned into Easter - into Summer - into Christmas - Repeat

When in reality - failure is just a falsehood based on fear of making a few mistakes along the way.

Human beings would rather remain "mediocre" and give up on their dreams than "risk" looking a little silly from time to time.

Human beings would rather remain "mediocre" and give up on their dreams than "risk" looking a little silly from time to time

I mean how crazy is that? How can it be that we're so scared of making mistakes that we'd rather give up on the things that could make our lives so much better?

When we're little we think nothing of making mistake - after mistake - after mistake as we learn how to do things such as walking and talking etc.

Then as we get older our desire to "not look stupid" seems more important than actually doing new things - and the inevitable (temporary) failures.

Us humans really are crazy at times?

​One step nearer

A better way to think is that:

EVERYTHING you do creates a result. It might not always be the end result that you're ultimately after.

But if it moves you further forward - then you're one step nearer - so it's a positive step along the journey.

There is no such thing as failure by trying - the only way to truly fail is to do nothing at all!

​There is no such thing as failure by trying - the only way to truly fail is to do nothing at all!

You won’t see any results if you don’t take any actions because of uncertainty or fear!

And your guarantee of failure if you do nothing is 100%

Setbacks and learning curves are not failures. You are not a failure just because you didn’t get the result (this time) that you were ​after.

It all comes down to you deciding to have the mindset of, “if something doesn’t work, then I’ll adjust my ​course and keep ​going”.​

​Steps to success - small steps

steps to success

I've already mentioned that for me - one of the key ingredients to success lies in performing small ​steps consistently over time.

One ​step - on top of another step - then another - repeat

That's because all of these ​steps add together or "compound" together over time - and result in the BIG change that you're actually looking for.

And these are the steps to success.

Think of it like building a house - one brick at a time. We wouldn't expect a house to just appear from thin air - just because we wanted it to.

Instead we'd expect to wait some time as the house was being built. And we'd even get excited by the building process as it developed.

So getting back to the idea of buying a house. Does it seem crazy to consider the following:

  • Right now you're not sure if it's possible for you
  • And even if it is possible - you don't know how to go about it
  • So you have 2 choices
  • Choice A - do nothing = easy option now = regret OR
  • Choice B - Find out how to do it - one step at a time. Copy someone who's already found the steps to success and don't reinvent the wheel.

The slight edge

I learnt the principal of doing things one step at a time around 5 years ago when I was introduced to a brilliantly simple book called "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson.

This book and it's principles now form a fundamental part of how I work.


Because taking small steps over time is super simple to do.

Imagine you're learning something completely new - lots of new things to learn and a BIG task for just about anyone.

Then imagine you can break down the BIG task into a number bite-size SMALLER steps. let's say 50 super-simple little steps.

Start on step 1, then step 2, then step 3 etc. And before you know it you're well on your way to achieving your goal.

​Start on step 1, then step 2, then step 3 etc. And before you know it you're well on your way to achieving your goal

Doesn't that sound a lot easier than trying to do the BIG task in one ​sitting?

The process of buying a house with Rent to Buy is something that has a few steps that you need to learn how to do.

However EVERY SINGLE STEP along the way is SUPER SIMPLE and EASY. You just need to learn how to do them. FREE RENT TO BUY TRAINING COURSE.

​Information overload

I don't know about you, but I'd say that one of the biggest opportunities in today's world is the internet and the sheer amount of information available to read and digest.

You can learn to do just about anything. But ​then again - so can everyone else. So there's endless competition for ​us all to contend with.

So I'd suggest that in today's world you have to keep learning and educating yourself - just to stand still. Because there's so much competition.

The people who end up being super successful ​have found a key trait that brings them success.

And that trait is simply that THEY REFUSE TO GIVE UP. No matter what obstacles come along - THEY KEEP GOING.

They largely aren't any more talented than the rest of us - apart from their ​​never give up attitude.

These people represent 5% of the population.

Where as everyone else - the 95% - just give up!!


I once worked for a company called Kodak who were world leaders in film for cameras.

They made insane amounts of money selling film until the fateful day when digital cameras were invented - which eventually made film redundant.

The death of Kodak wasn't quick - it was painfully slow. The first digital cameras weren't very good, but then they got a little better - then a little better - then better still.

That's the slight edge at work. Small improvements over time that added up to a BIG almighty change that Kodak were powerless to prevent.

Doing nothing isn't an option

So what I'm suggesting here is that doing nothing isn't an option in today's world. Because change will happen whether you want it to or not.

So better to embrace change - which you now know is super easy to do.

Thanks to ​its compounding effects - ​THE SLIGHT EDGE WILL WORK ​FOR YOU.

But if you do NOTHING then ​THE SLIGHT EDGE WILL WORK AGAINST YOU and things will change despite you not wanting them to change.

How many times have you heard people say ​things like:

​"Things were so much better back in the good old days - before it all changed"

That's the slight edge working against you - unfortunately.

​Steps to success - conclusion

steps to success

Let's recap on the steps to success that you've been learning about in this post.

Steps that are super simple for YOU TO DO.

But equally just as easy for you NOT TO DO.

​Steps to success - recap

  • Break down BIG complicated tasks into SMALL bite-size steps that are EASY
  • You can move forward by doing all of these SMALL easy steps - one at a time. These steps will COMPOUND together and produce BIG results for you
  • There is no such thing as failure by trying - the only way to truly fail is to do nothing at all!
  • Find other people who have already achieved the things you want to achieve and COPY THEM
  • Successful people don't give up. No matter what the barriers are that come along - they keep going until they find a way
  • 95% of people give up - and so that leaves 5%
  • This 5% of people have the majority of the success. They aren't any more talented - they just keep going until they achieve their dreams!!
  • If you want to learn about Rent to Buy and how it could be the perfect way to get YOU on the property ladder then as a first step - please take the FREE RENT TO BUY TRAINING COURSE

Hope you enjoyed the post 🙂

Phil and Karen

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