​Tenant Buyers

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​Tenant Buyers

Becoming Tenant Buyers is a great way to get yourself onto the property ladder and finally buy the house you've been ​dreaming of.

​And this website ​will teach you how to become a Tenant Buyer ​in a new and unique way that hasn't been ​done before.


​This puts the power firmly in YOUR hands to go out and find your own Rent to Buy home. Instead of relying on someone else to find a Rent to Buy home for you...

So that means you get a home you really, really want... Rather than a home you've had to settle for - which ​is so much better...

​So that means you get a home you really, really want...

  • So if you're somebody who wants an opportunity to buy your own home?
  • But you don't know how to go about it? Or where to start?
  • Then you're in the right place.
  • Because this website ​will teach you ​all about Tenant Buyers and Rent to Buy homes. And there's a FREE RENT TO BUY TRAINING COURSE.
  • ​Rent to Buy is a fantastic way to get onto the property ladder that not many people know exists.


​So keep reading and we'll explain exactly ​who Tenant Buyers are.

And how becoming a Tenant Buyer can get you onto the property ladder - right now.

​Without needing a mortgage right away.

Tenant Buyers - who are they?

tenant buyers

​Tenant Buyers are people who ​RENT a property for an initial period of time - typically 3 - 5 years - and then BUY the same property from the owner afterwards.

​Tenant Buyers are people who ​RENT a property for an initial period of time - typically 3 - 5 years - and then ​BUY the same property from the owner afterwards

​So if you're somebody who is:

  • ​Currently renting or thinking of renting.
  • But actually would prefer to buy.
  • ​And right now you cannot get a mortgage.
  • But crucially you can get a mortgage in a few years time.


So please keep reading and definitely take ​a look at the FREE RENT TO BUY TRAINING COURSE and find out how it all works.

Tenant Buyers - advantages over renting

I'm sure your wondering what the advantages are of being a Tenant Buyer over regular renting?

here's the MANY advantages:

  • You have the option to buy the property you're renting
  • So even whilst initially renting you feel like it's ​your place and not just a rental
  • You start to buy the property from day 1
  • You get to stay as long as you like
  • When you buy - any increase in house value is yours to keep
  • You can decorate how you want
  • You can make home improvements
  • Want a dog or cat? Say hello to Rover or Kitty - you can have a pet
  • Rent to Buy contracts are written up by UK solicitors
  • There are thousands of properties that this works with


* This means that with a Rent to Buy Home your purchase price is fixed and your rent is fixed. So you can save your deposit up quicker and buy quicker ?

And you'll Know all your up-front costs - so no nasty surprises such as your landlord asking you to move on - or an unexpected rent rise ?

​Why not simply rent - and buy a place later?

​We're glad you asked - because this is ​EXACTLY what most people do...

They ​RENT a place ​until they have the ability to ​buy with a mortgage...

And then they BUY a completely different place later...

​It's the "normal" ​approach isn't it?

Wouldn't it be so much nicer to BUY the house you initially RENT?

​Because as a Tenant Buyer you ​get to ​ENJOY your home BEFORE you even own it.

You can ​decorate how you want - and ​make it all cosy and homely - just ​the way you like it.



​Those people who are renting ​whilst waiting to ​qualify for a mortgage ​usually fit into one or both of these two situations:

  1. ​They haven't got all of the deposit money saved up yet AND/OR
  2. ​They cannot get a mortgage right now, but can do in a few years time*

* Full list of ​situations this applies to in the ​FREE RENT TO BUY TRAINING COURSE

​the "normal" ​approach

Here's a ​rather pesimistic list of things that ​can go wrong - whilst you're taking the "normal" approach - and renting ​whilst saving ​to buy a different house:

  1. ​If there's a housing BOOM whilst renting and prices sky-rocket - you'll ​find it harder to save up your deposit fast enough. So you might end up only being able to afford a smaller home. And you ​risk never being able to afford any house at all*.
  2. ​If your landlord decides to ​evict you from the house you're renting it could cost you several thousands to move - ​which eats into your savings.
  3. If the above were to happen 3 or 4 times you might say you're just unlucky? But ​when you rent on an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement you only have 2 months of security once your initial rental term has ​passed.
  4. And any one of a ​number of other reasons...

* House prices can of course go down as well as up. ​Disclaimer.​​​

Tenant Buyers - fix ​your buy price

​As already mentioned - being a Tenant Buyer means you're unaffected by house price ​rises. So you know ​exactly how much money you'll need.

And you can stay in your house for as long as you want to* - with no unexpected house moves to contend with and pay for.

So you can save up your deposit so much easier 🙂

* You must of course keep to the terms of your agreement.

Finding a rent to Buy opportunity

tenant buyers

We started this page by ​telling you that you can now now learn how to become a Tenant Buyer in a new and unique way that hasn't been done before.

​And you've learned that this means finding a property that you can Rent first with the option to also Buy later on.

Firstly let's tell you about the existing traditional way to find a Rent to Buy ​opportunity by looking for Rent to Buy sourced opportunities that other people have ​found.

And then we'll tell you about ​our exclusive new and unique ​opportunities - and why we feel ​this way is so much better for you...

Tenant Buyers - sourced Opportunities

​The traditional way to find a Rent to Buy opportunity is to look for a "sourced deal". This means that you look specifically for Rent to Buy opportunities that somebody else has found.

You then visit the property and do your own due diligence. And then if you like the proposal you go ahead and sign an agreement with the house owner.

These are the ​types of Rent to Buy opportunities that we've been involved with in the past. And has enabled us to learn the Rent to Buy process inside out.

​You ​can find some of our ​recent "sourced deals" lower down on this page.

​There is a "sourcing fee" to pay to the person who has found the Rent to Buy opportunity which ​can range anywhere from 3% - 5% of the agreed sale price.

Tenant Buyers - new and unique opportunities

This brings us round very nicely to discuss our new and unique opportunities for you to become a Tenant Buyer.

​And this all starts with ​your ​FREE RENT TO BUY TRAINING COURSE ​for you ​to take.

This course will teach you all about Rent to Buy and how you can find your own Rent to Buy opportunity without ​needing to use a "sourcing" company.

​So you won't ​need ​to find the 3% - 5% "sourcing fee". ​And you can ​use this money instead towards your house purchase deposit.​

This new and unique opportunity gives you the knowledge ​to be able to find your own ​Rent to Buy ​opportunity from the ​HUGE second hand housing market. And in the area ​where you want to buy.

Tenant Buyers - second hand housing market

There are literally thousands and thousands of properties available at any one time for sale on Rightmove and Zoopla etc that ​are perfect for ​Tenant Buyers.

​And there's also thousands of Buy to Let property owners who right now are desperate to sell due to increases in UK property taxes and something called clause 24.

And for many of these Buy to Let property owners - ​taking you on as a Tenant Buyer would be a perfect fit for them.

​And for many of these Buy to Let property owners - ​taking you on as a Tenant Buyer would be a perfect fit for them

​Consider these Buy to Let property owners for a moment:​

  • They have properties already that they're happy renting out
  • The UK government is ​increasing taxes right now - and they're fed up
  • ​They want to sell because they can't make money any more

So imagine you come along and ask if you can ​RENT their property for a few years and then ​BUY later

  • Do you think they'd be interested?
  • You bet they would
  • You just need to learn how it works

​You can learn how Rent to Buy works right now by taking the ​FREE RENT TO BUY TRAINING COURSE.

​Recent Tenant Buyers

tenant buyers

Here's a sample below of recent ​sales to Tenant Buyers for you to take a look at. ​These are Rent to Buy properties that we've sourced on to Tenant Buyers over the last couple of years​.

So ​for you to ​become a Tenant Buyer - you just need to learn how Rent to Buy works and then you can ​easily find for your own Rent to Buy opportunity.

​Finding a Rent to Buy opportunity isn't rocket science - just like everything else in life - you just need to learn how to do it - and then apply the knowledge.

Tenant Buyers - recent sourced properties

These examples of properties below represent only the "tip of the iceberg" ​of the sheer number of properties that ​are available to you as a prospective Tenant Buyer.

NB Tenant Buyers have been placed into all these properties so they are no longer available

« of 8 »

​Liverpool, L9

​2 bedrooms - 2 Receptions
£2,950 - SOLD

« of 8 »

Derby, DE23

2 Bedrooms - 2 Receptions
£3,500 - SOLD

« of 8 »

Swindon, SN1

​1 Bedroom - Kitchen/Reception
£3,950 - SOLD

« of 8 »

St Helens, WA9

​2 Bedrooms - 1 Large Reception
£2,950 - SOLD

« of 8 »

​Oldham, OL1

​2 Bedrooms - 1 Reception
£2,495 - SOLD

« of 8 »

Wigan, ​WN5

​3 Bedrooms - 1 Reception - Conservatory
£4,490 - SOLD

« of 8 »

Liverpool, L36

​2 Bedrooms - 1 Reception
£2,750 - SOLD

« of 8 »

Sheffield, S10

​Studio flat - Bedroom/Lounge/Kitchen
£4,950 - SOLD

Seller situations

tenant buyers

​Here's an idea now of some of the ​situations of the property owners ​above. To help you understand why Rent to Buy / Tenant Buyers arrangement works so well for them.

Out of town buy to let investor

​<•> The owner of 2 of the properties above lives in London and bought both properties as Buy to Let investments. He then had a succession of let’s say “challenging tenants” and quite frankly got fed up with the situation. He ​decided to sell - but ​didn't want the hassle of ​endless low offers from investors. So Rent to Buy with 2 Tenant Buyers who would RENT and then BUY the properties was the perfect ​solution.

Difficult to let out reliably

​​​<•> ​Another owner lives in the East Midlands and has a portfolio of properties in and around the ​same area. However one of the properties – for reasons he could never quite fathom out – didn’t let out as reliably as all the others. So the Tenant Buyer scenario worked well for him as this gave him a reliable tenant and ultimately allowed him to sell.

Left with a spare property

​<•> Then there was the property owner who moved in with her boyfriend in Cheshire. So the house she had been living ​in simply wasn’t needed any more. She tried to sell - but had a terrible time with buyers pulling out for a variety of reasons. And each time it was costing her a fortune. Then she tried to let the property out – but had an unreliable letting agent. When she finally got a Tenant Buyer – someone to RENT and then BUY the property - it was exactly what she needed.

​Fixer upper - didn't quite go to plan

​<•>​ Another ​one of the properties was bought as a "fixer upper project" - with the idea of selling on for a profit. We’ve all seen “Homes under the hammer” where it all looks so easy to make money? But ​the owner got their numbers wrong which meant they might have to sell for a LOSS. However getting a Tenant Buyer was a perfect scenario for them as it meant they could RENT out for a period of time and then SELL. This also meant they could achieve ​the ​realistic price that the property was worth – meaning they wouldn't lose money.

​Like the tenant Buyers ​idea?

tenant buyers

If you ​do like the idea of becoming a Tenant Buyer then you may be wondering exactly how to go about achieving it?

And you may be also wondering how difficult it really is to find a property owner who is willing to take you on as a Tenant Buyer?

Well let me put your mind at ease right away. And tell you that all of the owners of the properties listed above on this page were very happy to get involved with a Rent to Buy sales / Tenant Buyer arrangement. Where they have a Tenant Buyer living in their house.

Why would that be?

This is because Tenant Buyers have more of a home-owner mentality than traditional renters - so they look after their property better - pay their rent on time etc.

And also due to the fact that the owners were all ultimately wanting to sell anyway.

So from a property owner's point of view - WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE?

​Tenant Buyers -  Next Steps

tenant buyers

So hopefully you're now beginning to see that the Rent to Buy / Tenant Buyer scenario works equally well for property owners and also for prospective Tenant Buyers.

It’s what we like to call a WIN WIN situation.

​And ​as already mentioned - the properties above represent only the “TIP OF THE ICEBERG” of the sheer ​number of properties ​available that are perfect for Rent to Buy.

There’s literally THOUSANDS of opportunities for you to RENT and then BUY your perfect dream home. You just need to learn how to go about doing it and then:


​So don’t be afraid to approach property owners and ask if Rent to Buy would work for them. It's likely that they won’t have heard of ​Rent to Buy before.

But once you've explained how it works - don't be surprised if they're just as keen as you are. That's because it's a great WIN WIN for both parties.

​To find out everything you could ever want to know about Rent to Buy & Tenant Buyers - take ​the FREE RENT TO BUY TRAINING COURSE  by clicking the button below...

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